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Teaching is a performance. And, let’s face it, on paper equally qualified candidates look the same. Resumes do nothing to promote a teacher’s style, energy, or command of the subject matter. Now, with the Teachers Performance Network, you can maximize your chances for employment by distinguishing yourself from the competition.

Our idea is simple. Supercharge your resume by adding a high quality professionally produced digital video featuring YOU teaching a demo lesson. In your video, you can emphasize your strengths, visually convey a passion for teaching and make an outstanding first impression, all things that a paper resume alone cannot accomplish. Allow TPN to produce your demo video, while you focus on teaching.

Take a few moments to hear what real-life school administrators have to say about TPN by clicking on the “testimonials” tab, and then check out our “sample videos” tab.

Finally, fill out and submit our simple contact form and we’ll contact you right away to discuss how a personalized demo video produced by TPN can help you attain your professional goals.

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